Our twenty years of investment management experience has shown us that investors don’t have to fear volatility. Rather than avoid it, Doshi Capital Management seeks to harness volatility to capture returns in the markets whenever they occur while minimizing its impact on downside risk.

The difference is our strategies seek to capitalize on multiple cause-and-effect relationships that drive asset prices. We accomplish this by creating strategies that provide true diversification—an uncorrelated strategy that diversifies away risk—and downside protection, giving our investors the opportunity to stay invested and generate absolute returns in any market cycle.

Doshi Capital Management draws on a strong, multidisciplinary skillset, proprietary quantitative models and decades of experience investing across a broad range of asset classes and multiple market cycles. Our ultimate objective is to grow and preserve our clients’ capital in any market environment through a distinctive and systematic approach to investing.

The Doshi Capital Management difference is based on:

Positive Returns

Our focus is on seeking to generate positive returns in both up and down markets and in any market environment or economic cycle.


Systematic Investment Process

Our investment strategies are executed entirely by the firm’s quantitative models, removing any emotional and discretionary biases from the process.


Uncorrelated to equities

In seeking positive returns, enhanced diversification and reduced portfolio volatility, we target a low correlation with the unmanaged S&P 500 index.


Decades of Data

Our strategies are developed by researching hundreds of market, economic and technical indicators through decades of data, including three recessions in the last 20 years.


20 Years of Investing Experience

The management team brings, on average, more than 20 years each of investing, trading, and research experience to the firm.


Proprietary Risk Management

Our strategies seek to protect investors from market declines through daily reviews of our models, and the use of risk management tools.



At Doshi Capital Management, we are committed to aligning the firm’s interest with our clients’ by seeking to deliver the best possible results. We believe that trust is critical in our relationships, which we expect to earn through our transparent investment process and our commitment to open communications. We provide our clients a clear view into the approach we take towards investing. We strive to keep our clients informed on the market and the risk factors driving it and are available to address their questions and concerns.

About Our Investors

Many of our clients are high-net-worth investors seeking maximum growth tempered with risk control through an uncorrelated, risk-managed portfolio not found through typical investment channels.

We offer family office investors growth solutions unlike those from traditional asset managers, who often offer largely commoditized investments opportunities.

High Networth Investors

Family Offices