This Fund Manager Tells How He’s Able To Time The Market

Apr 26, 2022 | Featured Appearances

Every financial publication has the same advice for investors: don’t try to time the market! However, Heeten Doshi boldly claims to be able to do it.

“Our fund is unique, given the approach we take,” Doshi said in an interview. “Very few funds attempt to time the market. The strategy invests in the broad S&P 500 index and attempts to avoid macro events. Our goal is to eliminate systematic and unsystematic risk. Our strategy also has low correlations to many asset classes and provides a significant amount of diversification to an investor’s portfolio.”

“Our strategy looks at data from different disciplines to gauge whether to be risk on (in the market) or risk off,” Doshi explains. “We believe that by combining data such as fundamentals, behavioral and technical, it is possible to time the market over the long term.”

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